What is Tunnel Formwork System?

Tunnel Formwork System is a steel formwork system which allows wall and floor concrete to be poured (concreted) together where surfaces facing concrete are fabricated as sheet metal.

In addition, it is a system that enables one to concrete 500 times and carries out one concreting per day depending on the Tunnel Formwork System usage conditions,   the formwork costs are reduced to minimum, employee safety is increased to maximum due to scaffolding systems used.

Tunnel Formwork System is used in production of the types of buildings such as homes, hospitals, jails and dormitories that have a monolithic structure.

Due to this system it is possible to lay a layer of concrete once a day or once every 2 days depending on the size of the structure.

Structures manufactured with Tunnel Formwork System are economic, earthquake resistant and on which the manufacturing mistakes and cost of fine structure craftsmanship are minimized.


Why Tunnel Formwork System?

It is economic…

  • It is possible to concrete 500 times on the same project with only one set of formwork.
  • Low cost adjustment to other similar projects is performed only by adding new formworks and repairing the old ones.
  • Significant savings are established in labor costs if it is carried out by only a few high qualified master builders and regular laborers
  • Finance cost of building capital used significantly decreases in comparison to classic systems because it speeds up the time of constructing building.
  • They still have an economic value since they can easily be sold after completion of work or getting old.

Fast and Reliable…

  • It is a formwork system where contractor pours wall and floor concretes at once in a daily period.  Therefore, a layer can be produced each day with one set of formwork.  Concrete can be poured up to the spaces that the static project requires. Easy to operate in gaps / spaces which are as large as 1.5 meters to 6.5 meters.
  • It is the most reliable system and its resistance against earthquake is well known and recognized.  It’s this feature of its which was proven once more in the Marmara earthquake in August 1999.  In the same way, it is the most reliable building system against gusty winds and storms.
  • The most successful results are obtained on the subject of work safety if scaffold systems completing the formwork are applied exactly at the worksite.  It is fire resistant.

Easy to Apply…

  • It enables the application of the band system at the worksite with a well planned organization.
  • It demonstrates conveniences in performance of electrical wiring and plumbing installation works.
  • it can be used in all types of buildings which are going to lower the cost of formwork during repeating the concreting process  primarily in homes followed by hotels, student dormitories, prisons and barracks.
  • Small damages here and there can also be repaired by skilled workers.

Provides High Quality…

  • Enables project to be performed accurately and finish in the quality started at the beginning.
  • Makes it possible to build 40 floor/storey high buildings by concreting finer /shear at upper floors with shear wall concrete.
  • Makes precast façade wall and ready to use panels easy to apply since measurement mistakes at a very minimum rate as if none exist during the production.
  • Other wallpapering and painting jobs are very easy to apply since no extra coating / plastering is necessary due to obtaining extremely smooth concrete planes from formwork surfaces and such works like wallpapering and painting can be performed and get done at minimum costs.

Environmentalist / Environment Friendly

  • Its positive contributions on environment due to the reason that no wood is used are well known.
  • Heating and cooling costs are lower in comparison to conventional structures.